Character exploration- Cavaleiro Marionete

A character idea, I’ve been working on when I have some free time.
My concept for this is that he is a puppet that ran away from his old puppeteer and stole his scissors to use as a weapon, he believes he’s a true knight and lived many adventures, but in fact he’s just a doll and the stories are just plays from his show, I imagine him Having fake legs that jump up and down when he is moving, he and the horse are one, I was very inspired by puppets from Brazil’s carnival (Olinda).

Anyways, had a bunch of fun :) I’m sharing a lot of the process too

Mike azevedo 09

Full color

Mike azevedo 10

Face close up

Mike azevedo 23

Weapon detail

Mike azevedo 01

process 01

Mike azevedo 07

process 02

Mike azevedo 02

process 03

Mike azevedo 11
Mike azevedo 04

process 04

Mike azevedo 05

process 05

Mike azevedo 08

process 06